This variation of the quill was created to better accommodate frequent use as a writing tool, AND the impressive aesthetics of a decorative piece. The nib is permanently set in the unit and can not be changed out.

This is the best option for intended use as a writing tool and functional art. As the original design with the natural porcupine quill point is usable with certain inks, it will not perform as well as this option for ease of use.

Please note, each quill will be unique from the next, as the feathers are not 100% identical to one another and may have separations, slightly thinner, fuller, longer, shorter than one
another or be from a left wing or right wing.

It is very important that you do not keep the quill stored in ink in an inkwell, as I have found, India Ink will eat through the metal nib and completely through the porcupine quill tip.

These are in VERY limited supply and will not last so purchase while there's still time! :)

Some of the metal beads may be substituted for similar styles if I run out or need to accommodate special requests.

Gift wrapping available